The Best Time in Vancouver

Things to do this Summer (My Checklist):

-Launch the hockey site (July 15th: after 5 months of work)
-Close on the Surrey condo (July 8th: after 1 year of planning)
-Rent out the Surrey condo (July 12th)
-Run the Underwear Affair Marathon (July 11th)
-Find a Burnaby condo (Prior to August 15th)
-Pack up my stuff and move to Burnaby (August 15th- September 1st)
-Fix up and paint the Downtown condo (August sometime)
-Rent out the Downtown condo (August 15th- September 1st)
-Party w Shin and Chucky before they leave (September)
-Plan a camping trip to Bamfield (August sometime)
-Plan a family BBQ (August sometime)
-Plan a riding trip out to either the Island or to Mt. Baker (August sometime)
-Do something on July 29

Spend every sunny day doing something out in the sun, nothing wasted (no regrets come rain season)
-Run the seawall
-Run false creek/English bay
-Rollerblade anywhere
-Rooftop patio Sunday wet lunches
-Saturday afternoon sleeps on the beach
-Frisbee at Sunset Beach
-Beach BBQ’s
-18 holes of golf/Driving range
-Outdoor pool

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