25 Random Facts

25. I drive a right hand drive import from japan and now when I piss people off, they think it’s my passenger that did it and people glare at them instead of me. I have random people talking to me about being on the wrong side of the car…to which I reply “no i’m on the RIGHT side of the car.”

24. I’m a clean/neat nazi. Everything at home has a place where it should be and it should be there. My dvd’s are all in alphabetical order, organized by genre.

23. When I was 5 and my sister was 3, I saved her from drowning in a kiddie pool. And now, she’s a better swimmer than I am.

22. I like swords. I have a 2 handed longsword in my coffee table. When I was 6 my parents and I went to a ceramics store in chinatown. I played with an intricately carved ivory (yes ivory) sword and broke it. They fixed it, but my dad had to buy it, and it’s been on display at my parents house for the last 20+ years. (He was NOT happy with me for about 4 months)

21. My parents put me in hockey, baseball (T-Ball!), soccer, kung fu and I quit them all after a couple weeks. For some reason, I stuck with piano for 15 years. I am a master pianist. (but I havn’t played since I moved out of my parents house, so I’m a rusty pianist now)

20. I can play any song on rockband/guitar hero first time through in expert. (piano fingers help)

19. I want to be a published author. Everybody has ONE amazing story to tell (some people more, but everybody has at least one) I’m 1/3 done telling my one story so far.

18. I miss my dog Momo

17. I think Kid Carson and Nira Aurora talk about really dumb things sometimes like…who cares about kids date last night and whether or not nira had sex with her husband???? Benjamin rocks though. Amy’s cool too. (and yes, I am a P1 listener lol)

16. I have 2 sisters and 7 brothers from another mother who I can count on 100%: CL (who is this white guy singing Chinese??) SF (he wants to fight me) JW (bandana over the eyes and tank top at high school caf) TL (I’m luvaboy, wanna drink?) CS (futureshop!) CL (shoots a firecracker at me) JH (the token whiteboy) GF (I’m a doctor!!!)

15. I read a lot about everything. I like to learn new things. VALUE! I’m glad my sister is an English teacher because she recommends some awesome books.

14. the majority of my family is in Malaysia and I try to go back every 4 years. I love mee goring and roti canai and chili crab and laksa and bor bor cha cha and…

13. I think I would make a great life coach but sometimes I have trouble taking my own advice.

12. I’m deathly scared of heights. One time I rode “the Revelation” at playland and I shat my pants. My buddy was like “I know the guy who runs it! He’s gonna let us ride for extra long!” and I was thinking “aw fk, get me offfffff…” when I got down my arms were sore cuz I was holding on so tight and my face was white. Never again…I never thought I would die, but at that moment, I seriously thought I would die.

11. if I could, I’d live on the beach and wear only shorts all day long, sit on the sand everynight and drink.

10. I have really bad eating habits. Sometimes I eat once a day, sometimes I eat 5 times after 10pm, I eat whatever’s in my fridge (the bachelor life). I’m a decent cook though, and I love cooking (it’s relaxing) but it sucks to cook for one person.

9. I knew my multiplication table up to 12×12 by the time I was in kindergarten. It took me until grade 3 to learn English though after 3 years of ESL. I was a lonely child.

8. I like to make things happen. I like to organize things, plan things and do things. I’m never really just sitting around doing nothing.

7. Coke (cocacola to clarify!) gives me a killer sugar high. My friends can always tell “you’ve had coke haven’t you?” “Ok time to quarantine Pi.”

6. I grew up in coquitlam and would drive out to Richmond everyday with JW, SF, DY and TC to meet up with everyone at hotshots. Then one day, all the boys came to coquitlam to visit me. ONE DAY out of 8 years. The Paseo had 250,000km on it when I sold it.

5. I have little patience for inconsiderate people. when people are ass’s to other people for no reason.

4. Random strangers come up and chat with me on the streets a lot. In stores, while I’m waiting for someone, outside a change room, crossing the street, in restaurants. There are some interesting people out there (and some not so much…some are just friggin weird)

3. my 2 things that bug me the most are people who are late, and people who sell out last second. I mean…come on!! It’s not like I didn’t tell you what time to meet up 5 days ago.

2. Trevor Linden is my hero cuz he’s a huge giver to our community AND he is captain canuck. But now, I vote kesler for captain. Lu can’t do sh*t from the goal to motivate the team.

1. I wanted to grow up a ninja when I was a kid. I had this shirt with a ninja on it and I wore it for my Grade 4, 5 and 6 class picture. My mom finally caught on and hid it when my gr 6 picture date came. I love ninjas.

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