Two Parties, One Day

Ahh another chill Vancouver Sunday. The sun was out and it was about 25 degrees today. I woke up and mulled around the house for a bit and eventually got around to my friends BBQ at Spanish Banks. It wasn’t hard to find them amidst the massive amount of Vancouverite beach goers, all enjoying the few remaining sunny days left before the 5 straight months of rain to come. I rode slowly across the parking lot and all I had to look for were the 2 door Lexus’s and Mercedes sports cars and the 5 motorcycles parked together. I parked my own bike and hopped off to join the tanned and toned boys and girls, all showing off the tattoos, 6 packs and string bikini summer bodies. I had some BBQ chicken, played some volleyball, laughed with some old friends and made some new ones.


Around 5 I left to go to a housewarming party in Richmond. My friend had just finished 140 hours of renovation in his new home and was excited to show it off. They’d previously lived in OMA in Burnaby, but with a new baby on the way and his first daughter turning 4 soon, they needed more space. It wasn’t hard to find his house. All I had to look for were the 4 door family sedans and minivans. When I walked in through the door, I could hear the pitter-patter of about 10 kids, all under 5 years of age. I was shown the house, the kids rooms and the new piano room and the backyard, where the kids were playing. I had some BBQ chicken, played with some children, laughed with some old friends and made some new ones.

Two parties in one day but they couldn’t be any more polar opposite than Kim Kardashian with and without makeup. The conversations at the beach consisted of the drunken times this past weekend and hockey. We made fun of each other, all beating our chests in bravado and masculinity while playing volleyball with the girls laughing at our goofiness while tanning on the sand. The conversations at the housewarming were of past memories and future plans, career goals and business proposals while the girls exchanged baby stories and how little Timmy was learning his Chinese so fast and how little Tia was getting so big. Funny thing was, all of the people today were within the same age and we’d all grown up together.

How does it happen that some people take one path while others travel down another? It was shocking and I have to admit, for about 15 minutes I sat there in my friends new kitchen staring at his new stainless steel fridge with the warning stickers still pasted on the side and I was tripping out. Here he was, a family in tow and living the domesticated life while my other friends and I were still in the bachelor lifestyle, living single without any responsibilities other than to ourselves. It could have gone either way I suppose. I could have sat there looking at his lifestyle in envy and wishing I had my own mini-Pius and wife and house in the burbs. But instead, I tripped out about how loud it was with a bunch of mini-people yelling in unison and that they were everywhere, like little hyperactive machines running around demanding more donuts and juice.  My friends sister, who has an adorable 4 year old daughter of her own, finally piped up and said “Pius stop panicking, it’s not that bad you know!” I replied “No, not at all! It’s not bad, it’s great! It’s just not for me right now.”

dora-the-explorerMaybe one day I’ll be ready to sell the motorcycle for an engagement ring. One day I’ll be ready to watch Dora the Explorer with my own little kid instead of playing Rock Band on my XBOX and on weekends I’ll sit in my suburbian backyard, BBQ’ing while my friends are over with their own little kids instead of partying until 3 in the morning followed by afterparties til 5 in my downtown condo. One day, but not now.

 I’m still a kid myself.

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