Top Ten Fashion Mistakes a Girl Can Make From My POV: #10

Majority of girls I know dress very well. They have good color matching skills (which is very important to a guy, who wants to be walking down the street with a girl dressed like a 4 flavour slurpee in a clear cup), they dress to the occasion and always look cute or hot whatever they’re doing: shopping, out to eat for a birthday, chillin movie night and usually aren’t overdressed or underdressed but dressed just right. But sometimes SOMETIMES, you girls wear something that I think are kind of weird, or maybe it’s just my Guy style. Maybe what you’re wearing is hot to other girls but odd to guys. Or maybe you just can’t dress right. I don’t know, but either way, don’t take offence if you do some of these things, I’m sure when you put it on you thought it looked good. But yeah…

isdaandco-relaxed-capri-pants-130Number 10: Grandma Style Capri Pants

What the hell? You either wear long pants or short pants aka shorts. Why the half legged pant? They’re like rice picker pants that old village grannies in China wear to pick rice because the rice paddy water was calf deep but they didnt’ want mosquitoes sucking on their exposed skin so they cut their pants calf length. But what’s the purpose in urbanite communities? You look like a little boy from Deutchland, might as well sport the wooden clogs too.  

Don’t get me wrong, the lululemon yoga ones are great. The tight jeans ones are hot. The cargo capris are sporty and sexy. But the business ones, where the bottom is all loose like you took a pair of scissors and hacked off the lower 1/4 of your dress pants, those ones make me wonder why you bothered coming out today at all.

Anyway, that’s #10. 9 more fashion mistakes I think a girl could make from my POV coming up.

2 responses to “Top Ten Fashion Mistakes a Girl Can Make From My POV: #10

  1. There are people whose feet sweat a lot down from the knees and they don’t like to wear skirts/they are on that time of the month, so they can only wear those ugly business capri pants

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