Top Ten Fashion Mistakes a Girl Can Make From My POV: #9

When I was 17 my friends and I liked to supe up our Honda Civics and Toyota Paseos. We would spend hours in the garage building body kits, adding stickers and chopping springs for the ultimate garage kit car and what came out looked awesome, though wasn’t much faster. My best friend had a Chrysler Neon which he put a huge 2 foot dual wing spoiler on it. The spoiler looked like it came off a F1 race car and was about 4 sizes too big for the car. I had 18 inch rims on my Paseo, which were equally mal-proportioned to my little car. Just like how those didn’t fit and made people point and laugh at us behind our backs, here is the #9 mistake girls can make fashionably.

muffin-topNumber 9: Clothes that Don’t Fit

Ok, what the hell? Seriously. Like, did you think you were 3 sizes smaller than you are when you were out shopping for clothes? Did that last diet coke from the food court put too much asparatme in your brain to make you treat the fitting room mirrors like those circus mirrors where they distort your body? Don’t get me wrong, I love fat girls. They’re some of the most nicest and awesomest girls I know and physical appearance has nothing to do with ambition, personality or loveliness. (Some of the most bitchiest, coniving and ugly-personalitied girls I know are skinny) I’m not here to bash fat girls, only the ones who dress non-accordingly or think they’re hotter than they are, though at the same time a healthy dose of confidence does a person good, but like we were when we were young and foolish, tricking out our rice rockets with every cent from our paycheques, people see through it and laugh behind your backs. I went to a club one time and saw this girl who was probably 240lbs. She was wearing a tanktop with string ties in the back, except you coudln’t see the string because the fat rolls had eaten them. It was like watching Jabba the Hutt caught in a fishermans net. I threw up a bit in my mouth. And then there are the muffin tops. OMG. Seriously. Listen. If your waist is a size 36, don’t buy jeans that are size 29 and think “On a good day I’ll fit these” cuz the good day will never come. Then the jiggle will wiggle out the side and make it more noticible that you’re trying too hard. If you dress accordingly to your size, you’ll look 100 times sexier and hotter to guys. Trust me. If you’re overweight, please don’t complain about it as you stuff your mouth with that last cupcake in the lunch room. Be proud. Confidence is so much hotter than ignorance.

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