Musical Condos and Moving Buddys

For the past 6 months my boys have been talking about moving and planning out the relocation to Austin, TX. Fudge and Chichi accepted offers down there from their company and have set a move date of October 1st, which is fast approaching. Months prior, it seemed like just talk and planning. We’ve been partying pretty hard, trying to get as much done and get as much in as possible before they go for a couple of years. It didn’t seem like a reality though, until maybe a couple of weeks ago when I started looking at condos and apartments to move into for myself. When I stepped into that first place to look at, it hit me that it was going to happen soon, that they were moving, that I was moving and that everything was about to change from my lifestyle that I’d known for the past 5 years. Nobody gives me advice like Cheech does and he’s always got great insight to what I’m trying to do and helps me get there. I’ve known Fuji since high school and I’ve seen the guy probably every 2nd day in the past 12 years. 2 brothers that I would do anything for. It’s surreal these days as reality sets in that they’re moving in a months time.


1998: Gracie, Me, Shin and Charles @ Jupiter Lounge

As I’d been looking around Burnaby for a place, I found one that I really liked. It was a pretty good sized 1 bedroom central on Boundary. The guy (My future landlord) was pretty cool, young guy who was getting married in a week so him and his fiance had moved out to a place out in the west side. After looking at about 8 different places, I’d settled on this one though it needed some painting. 3 weeks later, a week before I was supposed to move in, he called me and said “Pi, I have some bad news. I’m moving back into the condo.” I was thinking, ok wtf you bastard. You tell me a week before? Great notice. Then he continues with “My fiance walked out on me. We’re not getting married anymore, after 5 and a half years.” Ouch. Weddings paid for, all planned and a week before she walks out on him. What could I say? So my search continued, heavy hearted as I’d really had my thoughts settled in on that place and location. I spent a couple of hours on Craigslist that night and booked about 8 new places to look at and BAM! what was this? A listing for a place in the building next to the one that I’d originally chosen? The next day I went to look at it and it was exactly the same. Phase 2 (where the original had been Phase 3, a little newer, but smaller). So now I get the same location, but bigger place. (Still needs paint though). Within 24 hours, my stress was dissapated. Funny how things work out sometimes.

IMG_9653So now I’m trying to find tenants for my downtown condo and once that’s done, there’s painting of both places, little fixer-uppers, and time to pack and say goodbye to my home and my buddys. Change is good. It kicks you out of your comfort zone and gets you moving, makes you grow into a hopefully better person and makes you appreciate things alot more, especially when you didn’t have a choice for change. I think that’s the biggest lesson that age and experience teaches you, is appreciation. All the things you take for granted before you don’t anymore, but often it’s too late to go back and make things right or different. So now you take that experience and transfer it onto the next venture, the next relationship, the next idea so that this next coming one will be better than the last. With each career that I have, I’m a better worker than I was at my last job. With each relationship that I’m in, I’m a better boyfriend than I was in the last one. Nothing is taken for granted and I appreciate everything.

To my old landlord who will never read this: Don’t worry, she was a bitch for walking out a week before the wedding but hey, now we’re neighbors and you can come party with me.

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