I Effin Hate Mondays

Saturdays. Ahh Saturdays are my favorite days because you wake up whenever you want to and you have the whole day ahead of you, uncharted and free. This past 2 months I’ve filled up my Saturdays with beach bbq’s, picnics, hockey, Science World trips, movies, outdoor pools, rollerblading, running, and riding out to everywhere possible. I’ve probably had the best string of Saturdays in years this past 2 months, exploring everything new and old and doing all the things I’ve always wanted to do. Then at night we party to cap it off. Sundays are bipolar. It’s great to have another chill day to do more (or to recover from Saturday night) but as each minute passes, you’re that much closer to the 5 headed monster of a work week and Mondays are when you get chewed up and swallowed.

Today is Monday and it’s 9am.

How many of you are extra grumpy Monday mornings because you slept late on Friday and Saturday and now on Sunday you can’t sleep til 2am when you have to wake up at 7am? That’s me. I snoozed 5 times this morning, so I woke up late but I’d planned on coming into work early anyways, so I had some leeway. (I usually start at 830) Got ready, went downstairs to get my saving grace cuppa joe and started driving to work with a death scowl on my face. If you saw me, you’d think I was going to murder someone, but really, I was just chanting FML FML FML FML. I think my coffee felt my vibe because it decided to snap me out of my trance by jumping on my shirt. Damn, I spilled my coffee again. Hot hot hot.

I get a text from my colleague. “8am team meeting FYI”. DAMN! I thought I had leeway but now I was late. It was 8am when I received the text and I was still 10 minutes away. So much for being early.

phoneI park my car, and the topper of the morning. I dropped my phone as I got out of the car and being a right had drive, I was closer to the curbside. Where there was a sewer drain. My back cover snapped off and my phone hovered on the grate on the cusp of falling into the sewer. My heart stopped, I held my breath. It didn’t fall. Phew. It seemed like time slowed. Though in the split second all of this happened, the back cover of my phone bounced twice and *dunk* fell inbetween the grates. I heard the soft splash as it dropped 3 feet down into the murky waters of the drain. FML.

I walked into my meeting late as all eyes turned to me, holding my half cup of coffee, wearing the other half and holding my now coverless phone. I hate Mondays.

3 responses to “I Effin Hate Mondays

  1. Hope you got a new back plate haha.

    Blackberries have a lot of replaceable parts. For example, I had a FML Blackberry moment when I was walking pass this construction area. My phone drops out of my cardigan, lands face first onto a large pointy rock (it was the only rock in the area) and cracked the screen. I freaked out, but it didn’t mess with the LCD. I went onto ebay and bought a new screen for like 5 bucks 🙂

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