Oh Say Can You See, the failing of your Country

Brace yourselves US of A. In the next 60 to 120 days…

Commercial mortgages are all coming due because of the 5 year amortization that businesses have (compared to the 25 years of residential) and their property value’s gone down. If you didn’t know, this is what happened to me and my Surrey condo. I bought the place as a presale investment and when October 2008 hit, my value dropped forcing me to make up the difference in value with cash or lose my downpayment and get sued because I didn’t close on my contract with the developer (or claim bankruptcy, which unfortunately is the only option a lot of homeowners in the states have been forced into. Foreclosures due to not being able to refinance their homes). A building that was worth 1million is now worth $750,000 so the companies have to cover the missing $250,000 in cash and if they can’t, they won’t get remortgaged and will either have to relocate or drop value from stocks to make up for the missing cash. 1 million is an example when corporate leases range anywhere between 10 million and 250 million. You can see where the issue comes in with numbers that high and value so low. Companies will either go bankrupt or get bought out; making more investors lose $$ and employees lose jobs.

the-great-depression60-120 days. Remember when President Obama made the US treasury ‘give’ the banks money so they could reloan out to small/medium sized businesses a few months back? But they held onto the money to save their own asses and balance their books instead of loaning it out. Now the contract is coming due and they HAVE to loan out the money now so smaller banks themselves are going to go bankrupt.

It a conspiracy! Guess who owns the US treasury? Not the government. While they say it’s a federal bank, it’s not. It’s privately owned. Eventually JP Morgan Chase is going to own every bank in the states and own all the titles to the commercial mortgages making them the one force that drives all the banking interest rates, dictating mortgage laws and controlling the United States market through their privately owned bank. *Flush* goes the USA as a powerhouse democratic country. Go Canada.


“ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE” If you haven’t seen this yet, you have to watch it.

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