I Used to have a 6 Pack


Ahh…good ol’ Winter blues. In the summer all the beach bodies come out and sexy people are everywhere. I used to run at least 30k a week (also when I lived downtown, the seawall was awesome to run on a sunny Saturday morning, now running up and down Boundary isn’t so spectacular spectacular), go to abs classes, cardio bootcamps, rollerblade, bike, and now it’s getting cold and all those fun in the sun play dates are now better left for movies inside with the fireplace on. BUT. Winter is back and with it comes hockey. HELLS YA BABY. New season, new league, new team and we’re kickin ass. The 6 pack will stay under the jersey until next summer…but the beers in my hand. and now I got a 5 pack.


(Shameless Self Promotion: www.hotshotshockey.ca for all your gear needs)

4 responses to “I Used to have a 6 Pack

  1. Ha! That shirt is classic. I guess lucky I live in Hawaii, the weather is usually “summer like” all year ’round…but, I still don’t have a 6-pack.

  2. Awww yes, winter consists of staying in and stocking up on insulation. Lucky for you there’s hockey to keep you busy and just semi-sexy. (It’s okay to be a little fatty sometimes.)
    BTW, I love that picture of you. Shamless self promotion. You learn well old cheesehopper.


    PS – abs BUTT and THIGHS class. Don’t be ashamed. Afterall, all the female bums protruding from the ground and thrusting into the air is quite distracting and makes it your favorite class. Ba ba ba ba ba you’re loving it.

  3. pi pi, i feel ya. summer was so great for doing all those activities. I would go for a run to fitness world on arbutus everyday from my place on 3rd. the scenery and weather made a perfect motivation. now im like bleeeh. esp here in calgary. this wknd i watched a total of 8 movies. ya. its definitely that time. Did you get your books in yet??? that would also be a nice thing to do infront of the fireplace. read.

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