Those piles of SH*T are going FAST!

What happens when businesses sell to the average American online consumer with an IQ of 98:

"HEY I got an IDEA!
 You buy some of the crap I'm selling on how to get rich and
Ill buy some that crap your selling on how to get confident...
 Tell you what if you buy some of my crap today and today only...
 I throw in a nice steaming pile of Bullshit with it....
 I bet your saying WOW!

 I dont offer that pile of steaming bullshit to just anyone....
 I am offering it to you because you have kept reading and seem
like a REAL sucker and you will buy anything to try to get
rich overnight,

 So the longer you keep reading the more you will get sucked
into my bullshit, deeper and deeper, as I convince you with
random stories of success from people that you will never
know or can even talk to!

 "Today only, two for the price of one, but you have to act fast...
..those piles of SHIT are going FAST!"
 Should get you to whip out that already maxed out card for a glimmer
of hope that this steaming pile of Bullshit your gonna buy will make
you rich. Who cares that you were laid off last month or that you're
on a pension! We can help you with that.

 after we charge you a monthly membership fee every month
for the VERY low price of 59.95!

 NOT tomorrow or the next day,
Ill send you emails for the rest of your life with of my CRAP

Look for our constant sales pitches I will be sending via emails,
to try to sell you more shit for years to come.
 If you would like to unsubscribe,
 Here is a link that doesnt work cause when you try to unsubscribe
 I will just sell your email to someone else
 and maybe youll buy some of the BULLSHIT they are selling?!?"

s&mThis email pretty much sums up how the majority of high ticket item business to consumer sales go. Used cars, low end software, boiler room stocks, bond lotteries, customized business mentoring, life coaching Tony Robbins seminars, all that and a bag of 99 cent chips. After you’re done the $9,750 seminar, you walk out pumped and ready to take life head on! Make a difference! Change the world! but all you’ll ever get for your return on investment is $0.99 for the bag of All Dressed Doritos and some Bread Garden sandwiches for lunch.

The former client that wrote that email was able to see through the haze and hype. See through the slick tongued, moral-less sales people that pitch them and overpromise just to underdeliver. I guess it takes experience to see through it and it probably takes first hand experience to be able to sit down, write out such a well thought spiteful letter and send it. Kudos. This American probably had a higher IQ than his fellow patriots which is sadly the majority. And think of how many companies like this there are out there, successful, turning profits and growing.



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