300 is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’m a huge medieval nerd. If you’ve ever been over to my condo you’ll know by the huge two handed long sword on display in my coffee table. 300 is unique though, with Frank Millers dark comic as a template Gerard Butlers scowl giving the movie a whole new level of coolness. Glory, Pride, 299 Brothers at your back and a ripped 6 pack. Something every guy would be happy to have.


You also get to kick people into holes and tell them where this is. REALLY LOUDLY.


It was fun to be a Spartan for a night. I went around yelling at everybody and kicking random people off the dance floor. Here’s my limited PS skills.


Turns out, there’s alot of people with just as limited skills. haha! here were some awesome pictures I came across…






Who doesn't belong?



Another year, another Halloween, always good times! A lot of my friends dressed up this year. I remember a few years back nobody would ever get into it (except for Halfer, one year we all said we’d dress up and meet at his place to go set off fireworks but we all showed up wearing black and he was the only one dressed up, full head to toe SpiderMan.)

Saw alot of awesome costumes for girls and I played a judge all night, albiet a silent judge, since the girls didn’t know I was judging them (muahaha)…there were the nurses, french maids, little black riding hoods and cat doll things…(I said that to her..”Gracie, what are you? You look like a cat doll thing….”) but the most creative was the Catch of the Day. With all that rope and netting, that costume looked like it was fun to make and sew together, though sewing isn’t one of my stronger points (Does anybody know how to sew? Cuz these abs are ripped!!)

Until next Halloween, THIS…IS…LIFEOFPI!!!

4 responses to “This…Is…HALLOWEEN!

  1. Nice costume! Where did you guys go? I spent so much on mine making a poker stick that actually lit up and everything too only to get it taken away because it “could be used as a weapon”!!! =( I should’ve known it would’ve happened but didn’t care to think about it.

    Anyway I loved 300 because the visuals in that movie was just breathtaking.

    • hey we went to gossip…that sucks they took ur stick away lol i got my sword taken away too. weak…

      ya 300 is one of my tops. sin city and watchmen is pretty crazy too, same guy! but i like medieval stuff more. haha. yep.

  2. Those pictures are super funny. Your costume is badass. I didn’t see any of those on Halloween. Very original. I liked the move 300 and I’m not really even in to that type of genre.

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