Thank you Everyone!

About a month and bit ago my sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She’s being treated with chemo and is expected to fully recover. We held a cancer fundraiser at Modern Club last Friday with the help of the BC Cancer Foundation, Pure Image Entertainment and the support of a lot of friends. I even shaved my head!

Thank you everyone for supporting and donating to the BC Cancer Foundation. We all got together and raised over $2200.


It’s funny. In the past couple of weeks I’ve talked to so many friends who have gone through or known someone close to them who have had cancer. A mother, brother, aunt, sister. My dads friend of 35 years. Some have beat it, some unfortunately not. Everybody had a story and when we told them, everybody felt instant empathy for one another, understanding. It’s amazingly scary how this is such a common tale, how we all know someone who was affected by Cancer. This speaks to how wide spread it is and how we need to beat it.

Please keep supporting any way you can. I will be! If you would like to pass around the link or donate to the fund yourself, please click the link below. Thanks!

My Next event: The Underwear Affair! For cancer research below the waist.. a 10k Run/5k walk in your underwear. Come join me!

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