The Truth (as i see it)

Have you ever played the whisper game? You sit in a circle and whisper something in the ear to the person beside you. By the time it gets back to you, your original sentence of “I scored a hat trick and threw my gloves up in the air last night” has been mangled into “I nailed a fat chick and puked all over her hair last night.”


The truth is, that Truth is in the Eye of the Beholder. You hear all the time, that are 2 sides to every story, but really, there are 3. Your truth, My truth, and the real Truth.

When I was younger, I’d try hard to change the minds of people around me to My Truth because that was what I believed to be true, and if I was right, then you were wrong and that was that. Through my bullishness and constant barrage of ‘facts’ or ‘hear-says’, I would eventually convince my counterpart to concede. Wow, how stubborn I was, because even though they conceded to my ideals or thoughts, they didn’t truly believe or respect My Truth so nothing was gained. We see this everyday from the small and insignificant (what flavor a jellybean really is) to world issues (North Korea, Afghanistan, Vietnam, USA, USSR and every other war that has happened…in ALL of time). The issue is when one side has created a truth in their minds which they believe to be true and are too stubborn to see any other truth. I’m sure Kim Jong Il is a great conversationalist until you disagree on something.  (Maybe he’s ronery) What I’ve learned is that there is actually only One Truth. What used to be My Truth and your truth is simply just my opinion and your opinion with Truth skittering on edge.

With opinion, people go on to lay thick the eloquence on their convictions and beliefs on everything from politics to morality…and usually, they are very adamant about those views, saying them like they are actually the truth, not just “for me,” but truth, period.  Can you really blame a person though? The natural and first instinct of any living creature is self preservation whether it be life or pride, happiness or ego. If ones truth (opinion) threatens your happiness or your life, you will do all you can to fight against it, deny it and create your own story, gain followers and make that your truth to save yourself. How wars are started. (Even Star Wars)

Your best friend or your worst enemy won’t stand a chance against ‘The Truth’ that you believe.

Sadly this is the same with rumors, which are simply the skewed opinions and ‘truths’ that stemmed from people in between you and I. Like the whisper game, did I really sleep with a portly princess last night or was what I said somehow transformed before it got to your ear?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that changing minds about truths and opinions does nothing. A person might not share the same Truth as you, but you still see it as your Truth so the least they can do is try to understand why you see it that way. Who knows, you might be right, you might be wrong, but in the end, we are the only ones that can change our mind of what we believe.

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