The Higher the Water, The Higher the Boat

I saw a report this weekend that said “50% of N. Americans say they’re dissatisfied with their jobs.” I hear this alot from my friends too (and unfortunately, there are more days than not that I’m a part of the 50%.)

Being unhappy at work has nothing to do with the work available or what you’re doing. It has everything to do with your fear and inability to decide to go after what you want because at the end of the day (literally) your happiness has everything to do with how you’d spent that day. “Economic uncertainty is the perfect opportunity to seize control of your career, why? Because you have little to lose. You know everything you need to know now, but what you don’t have is the ability to make a decision in the face of uncertainty.” stated the report. It’s fear, it’s scary to dive into something unknown or different. But to change is to progress, especially if your unhappy right now. It’s a big challenge.

To have progress, you have to suck first. The single best lesson is that you have to learn that there is no right choice, no right decision, no right path in the beginning. All decisions have opportunities, and all opportunities have a chance of success. Pick the one that seems the most interesting and run with it, make the best of it. Once it opens up and you learn more, you’ll be able to decide if it is the right choice, but without change or action, it’s a 100% failure rate.
Starting over is risky no? Off of your comfort zone, off the familiar path into uncharted territory. Lets look at the risks in your life. Your risk is that you will have to lose what you have, is it all that much? Imagine you shifted your focus on ‘the opportunity that existed’ as opposed to ‘losing what you have’ if you changed your life. Is it possible that the true risk is continuing your life as is? Most people get complacent and end up lowering their life standards due to comfort and contentment. The ambition that they once had to climb the corporate ladder, to innovate new ideas, to start new ventures…those all fade away with the unhappy daily grind that one accepts as a result of the fear of change. What do you risk losing if you do not change? Your energy, your enthusiasm, your dreams. Your greatest risk now, is the status quo, what society looks on as safe is now what you look at as safe. Comfort trumps change, even though the ‘comfort’ you are experiencing now is the dumps.

A new life is calling for you! Don’t be scared of change but welcome it with the happiness that new possibilities are around the corner. When you look at a task with happiness, it turns into something you want to do (as much as you don’t want to do it) and it makes your passage smoother. Something else I’d read: “Difficult situations should be faced with courage and joy, the higher the water, the higher the boat.”

I Want to Own a Piece

I remember once a long time ago, in what is another life time now. I was 17 or 18 and I’d had just gotten used to driving my new car. It was brand new, off the lot and I was making payments on it. I owned it. I remember stopped at an intersection, and looking around me. I took in the stereo, I touched the door handle and caressed the seats. This was mine, I owned it. At that age, there wasn’t much I’d owned that wasn’t over $50, my kriss kross jeans were probably about $50. maybe my hypercolor shirt was up there, i can’t remember. Looking around, I felt a sense of pride, that I’d reached a man-milestone somewhere. That I’d started on the track of independance because I now had something to my name that the banks would consider an asset (even though it was a depreciating asset.) Of course by 17, I’m sure some African kid in a lost tribe somewhere was now a father of 4, had his own dirt hut by 13 and had collection of death spears and blow darts that he’d bought with his hard earned hyena fur. But for me, it was a first.

I felt the same way after I bought my first condo, the first night I’d slept over there, on the floor of my soon-to-be-but-not-quite-yet furnished room. I owned it. (well, not quite since the bank still owns about 70% of it. Mortgage literally means dead pledge. damn banks.)

I love Vancouver. I can confidently say that I am a Vancouverite for life. I want to own a piece of Vancouver. Not just property, or businesses, but the culture. I’d love to be able to shift Vancouvers culture in a positive way somehow, build this young city into something more. Inject new ways of life into the always (and not always good) relaxed paced of our sleepy, marijuana induced city. Lets start something. How people say to surround yourself with those smarter than you, I’ve lived that saying. I’m working with a few partners on some exciting things. I havn’t felt this way since I was editing film in University until 4 in the morning. It’s something I passionately enjoy and I hope it will one day soon start paying the bills too. That’s the dream isn’t it? Stay tooned. To love what you do and to do what you love with those you love. That’s the dream.