It’s been a busy last 2 months since I started my new job. I used to slack at work allot because I had so much free time. I’d have time to do other things, like…play organize the hockey team, make weekend plans, do my banking, read some books…all non-work related. Now at my new job, I’m busy from start of day to end of day. Which is good…makes my day go by a lot faster, but now I have to do all my personal stuff at home! On my own personal time! Wth! =P

The last 2 months I’ve been going out a lot. Way too much for my liking, but its fun. I’ve seen a lot of old friends again, after a long hiatus. Made some new friends, met some interesting people. All the fun stuff that happens when you step out of your hermitdom. I’ve been a “yes” man for a while, like Jim Carrey. I joined Pilates at my work gym. I’ve run the Sun Run and I’m running in the Underwear Affair marathon in 2 months (Cancer research fundraiser for cancer below the waist. Pledge me!) I’ve gone to Vegas and I’m going to China this week. It’s funny all the things that you don’t do when you’re in a relationship. Though it’s been a while since I’ve just chilled at home and watched a movie or gone out to a nice dinner at a new restaurant (on a date). Funny the things you don’t do when you’re single.

All in all, I have to say…it’s been fun and the summers not even here yet.


Yesterday was my last day at work. I was laid off 7 working days ago when my boss asked me to step into his office and proceeded to tell me all the reasons how it wasn’t me, it was him…and how maybe there would be a possibility for us to work together again in the future, that right now it was just bad timing and that he just couldn’t afford to pay me anymore (wow, that sounded like how I’ve ended relationships). Of course, just as my ex’s do when I tell them that, I freaked out a bit. I cried. I fetal’d up and rocked back and forth for an hour or so…in the dark. It was kind of sadly funny, because the day before, I’d hurt my foot running around the seawall. Something called Plantar Fasciitis (wiki: Plantar fasciitis is a syndrome of heel pain due to inflammation of the thick ligament of the base of the foot. A tight, inflamed plantar fascia can cause pain when walking or running, and lead to the formation of a heel spur. ) And that morning, it was nice out but it’d started raining heavily during the day. So here I was, freshly laid off, limping home in the rain with no umbrella. I could almost hear the violins, serenading my tragedy.

That was it though. When I’d gotten home from the walk, I’d let all my anger, sadness and negativity out already. It’d washed away with the rain dripping down my temples. I let myself go for a bit, I let myself wander and lose all hope, to be really sad, to be really angry and be the victim for a bit. I told myself I was screwed, I told myself it was the end, that I was done. It felt good. It felt like a relief to be a victim, to know that there was nothing you could do and that you just had to accept what was. But once the feeling subsided, it never came back. It’s funny how that works. When my ex and I broke up, I’d run into some random things and feelings welled up inside of me. Memories flooded my mind and I’d get emotional about it. But the next time I’d run into the random thing, the feelings never came back. It was a one time thing. I think from that, I’d learned that if you hold things in, push it to the back of your head, it never goes away. But if you let it take you over and control you for a powerful short time, it will leave you and never come back.
I made a few calls. I applied at a few places. I broke it down to one small step at a time, one doable task at a time, leaving my doomsday thoughts out of it, but just concentrating on one step at a time. Today I had my final interview with a company and throughout this week, I’d had several. I have 3 offer letters in front of me, all equally attractive. I had a CEO come into the 2nd interview and try to close me on why I should work for his company. I had a Director challenge me in foosball on my way out because he wanted to show me how great of a culture his company had. This last 7 days have been amazingly busy but well worthwhile. Now, I’ll have a week or so off of work (a mini vacation!! woo!) and my pick of futures to walk towards.
In the words of Johnny Drama, VICTORRRYYYY!!! And like Drama, I couldn’t have done it without my friends. They kept me up, they kept me motivated and they let me know that I really wasn’t that screwed. 😉 Thank you.

Aw Fukuruku

I was laid off today.

My boss said he appreciated my work, and really didn’t want to but because of the economy, can’t afford to keep me anymore. He said that as soon as the deals I brought in closes and we have the contract for them, he’d bring me back but until then, he can’t keep me.

*pow* smack to the face
*bam* kick to the nuts
*ka-donk* boot in the ribs

Well, I think this is my 3…I hope its’ my 3rd. I can’t take much more, tag me out.


When I was younger in my preteens I didn’t watch alot of TV. I’m probably one of the few guys that never watched the Transformers growing up (which I think eventually saved me alot of money seeing all the toys my autobot-obsessed friends buy) There’s a whole other story to that, but I’ll tell that another day. Growing up, my family had only ever had one television, which my dad was usually on for most of the evenings, watching chinese shows with my mom. My parents also didn’t ‘believe’ in television, something that today I’m grateful for. We were enrolled in piano, kumon, chinese school, judo, swimming. All things little Asian kids do! Don’t mess, we’ll karate kick your ass while playing the violin speaking in 4 different languages and drinking bubble tea.

One of the things we’d watch all the time though, was hockey. I’d remember that hockey was the only thing my dad would watch that my sister and I were interested in. Moreso than the chinese dramas which, while were funny in a ‘I-only-understand-every-second-sentence’ kind of way but was way too adult humor for my 10 year old mind. So when hockey was on, my sister and I would be in front of the tv, our only time with the elusive technology. The year Trevor Linden was drafted into his first season of the NHL, 1989, was the year we started watching hockey.

Fast forward 20 years, Linden has just retired. He will forever be remembered as Captain Vancouver, not for what he did for the Canucks on the ice, but for his off ice work. Lindens given so much back to our community, from the terminally ill children at Canuck Place to property development out in the Kits area, not to mention he was also President of the NHL Players Association, representing all the players to the owners and league commissioners. Sentimentally, my sister and I were at his retirement game. Seeing him years ago put on the Canucks sweater for the first time and now, seeing his banner lifted into the rafters put a tear to my eye. I love hockey.

So while being a fan of the game for so long, I’d just recently started playing the game. I tell ya, it’s not as easy as it looks. My post season dreams of carving down the ice, dipsy doodling the puck around all the defenders to score with a spin-o-rama backhand went crashing down as hard as I’d crashed down on the ice in my first game. I could barely stop and when I had the puck, I would panic and end up ass down on the ice. I even bravely attempted a slapshot, which I missed the puck completely and ended up face down, splayed out. Somehow in my mind, I’d pictured it all differently. A year and a half later, I can’t say I’m that much better at the game, but I can say that I’ve practiced my heart out, played every single week, took all the advice of the better players and I can at least stop now.

On my way, my boys decided to join me on this journey. So about 8 or 9 of us had never played before and started to dedicate ourselves to the art of ice hockey. I started to book ice times, and began organizing a recreational drop in night every second Friday. Since then, my excel spreadsheet has gone from 12 players to over 90 contacts and next month, our team, the HotShots, is heading into our first year of league hockey.

(Pic from the first ice time)

(Our Team a year later)

I want to own a piece of Vancouver and be able to positively influence the city that I live in…can I do it with hockey?

Working with several talented partners, who are also some of my closest friends, we will hopefully be able to realize that vision soon. The two-fold plan is to, one, have an online ecommerce portal for recreational ice hockey players in Vancouver to buy gear, meet, discuss, and research the sport and two, start our own full blown rec hockey league. The league will promote the site, and the site will promote the league each effectively piggy backing off one another towards being strong enough to influence the Vancouver rec hockey culture. Once that happens the plan is to quit my job, do this full time, and just play hockey all day long… =D


but until then, I’ll keep skating, keep practicing and if I’m able to come even 1% of what Linden did, I’m a happy man.

The Loss of a Brother

Nothing is forever. My brotha is moving. It was in the works for a while, that he would be offered a lateral move but with a raise. The catch was that he would have to relocate to Austin, Texas and become a team lead to the new crew that was just assembled down there. It was a great opportunity. He would work closely with the VP who was based in Austin and it would earn him accolades from his company. The raise was crap though, meager compared to the job at hand. At first, he had said he wouldn’t do it for under a certain number, and when they counter-offered him last weekend with the current bid, I didn’t think he would take it. But I guess nothing stays the same forever. The bid didn’t change, but Shins mind did.

When we were first introduced, it was not an amicable encounter. We’d went to different high schools, but in the same district and back in the 90’s there was only 3. We were rival high schools (How Riverdale-ish eh?) and the first time we’d met we were in opposing gangs, set for a fight. How 14 years later, he’s one of my best friends, my brother and roomate…there’s a story to tell. There’s a thousand stories to tell. Like all friendships, like all the people that you have around you, those that you care for and care for you. Your brother, your sister, mother, father. Your cousins, your best friends. There’s a thousand stories to tell for each of them, how you went camping every year. How you go for drinks after work. How you used to just cruise the streets. How you party on the weekends, and chill on the weekdays. There’s a thousand stories within the stories too, as I’m sure there are for each of you. How does it end? It ends with the disappearance. They’re no longer here. The stories will end there.

I’m at a loss of thought. I’m pulled in two directions. I’m happy for him that he’s moving on up. He’s an ambitious guy and said to me “I’m not happy with where I’m at in my personal life and it’s a big factor in me changing my mind.” He’s going to be a millionaire one day or die trying. I see that. This move will set him up nicely in the long run, but it means moving to Texas. He’ll have to fight the dragon if he’s going to get to the princess one day. On the other hand, I’m losing a brother. I respect Shin the most of all my friends. He’s always calm and never seems to be upset over anything. He’s also always had my back. When shit goes down, I can always count on Shin to be right behind me without even looking for him, that’s the kind of friend he is. And now I’m one down. It’s a selfish reason, but I don’t think anybody could not help but feel the way I do. My lifestyle as I know it is about to change, again. It’s only been 3 months since my last 8.0 richter scale lifestyle change* and my buddy moving equates to about an 8.4. I’d just recently stopped feeling the aftershocks from the first quake and now it’s like a Hiroshima style disruption.

He leaves June 1st. There are still 2+ months left to party it up, 2+ months left to make some crazy new stories. It’s funny, how life can change so quickly from one comfortable moment to the next, a not so familiar territory. I have to admit, I took the last 5 years for granted. The last 5 years held some of the best times in my life and as it was passing me by, I had taken alot for granted and let it slip away without thought, without ever thinking that one day it would halt. 2+ months.

*My girlfriend of 5 years and I called it a day. We seperated and she got custody of our dog.